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Ready… Set… Go! Exploring the World of Pediatric Ultra Lightweight Manual Wheelchairs
Wheelchairs have evolved immensely over time, but especially over the past 20 years. The most recent surge in technological advances for manual wheelchairs began in the 1990’s and has continued with the implementation of lighter weight material being utilized in manufacturing and the ability to truly customize a wheelchair for each individual.

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Happy Thanksgiving “Happy Thanksgiving” from the entire Sunrise Medical Family. We are thankful to have the opportunity to design and manufacture products that Improve Peoples Lives.

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“Thank You for Caring” - Resources in Honor of National Family Caregiver Month
According to the National Alliance for Caregiving (NAC) there are nearly 66 million individuals providing unpaid care to family members who are sick, aging, and/or disabled. The Caregiver Action Network (CAN) reports that two out of every five adults are family caregivers and 36% of Americans between ages 18 and 29 report that they are caregivers for a family member. Caregivers perform tasks ranging from assisting with basic activities of daily living to complex medical/nursing care such as managing medications, wound care, and operating specialized medical equipment.

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Honoring Our Veterans One November in 1980something, I went to the library at Heritage Elementary School for story time expecting to listen to our usual storyteller, Mrs. Gardener. However, that particular day, my class was greeted by an older gentleman wearing a number of military medals. It turned out this man was a World War II veteran and story time that day was all about Veterans Day. As a child I was mesmerized by the gentleman’s stories and touched by the memories of his friends who lost their lives fighting for our country.

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PT Month "Thank You" Contest  Winner! Click the link to see who was randomly selected as the recipient of a $100 Visa gift card in the Education In Motion Blog subscription contest!

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