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The Power of Connection - #OneSunrise

While cleaning out some boxes a few months ago, I came across a stack of old pictures of my friends from college. As I gazed at photos from our graduation in 2000, crazy memories from those years came rushing back and I began to feel a bit sad about the fact that I had not seen many of those friends since that day. In order to commemorate those amazing friends and that very touching moment, I did what most people in 2015 would do… 

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Fish On!  The Power of Reelin'
Cindi Petito provides us with some fantastic insight on the world of adaptive fishing. We hope this article will encourage readers to live without limits!
In today's world, nearly every outdoor sport can be adapted for individuals with physical disabilities.  Over the last 20 years, advancements in manual and power wheelchair technology have allowed engagement in the outdoors; from woods to water.   

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Pull up a Seat: Meet Sandy Campos & Our Customer Service Team
Nestled in the heart of the San Joaquin Valley of California is the birthplace of the Quickie® wheelchair. For over 30 years, Fresno has been the home of Sunrise Medical’s US manufacturing plant. In addition to manufacturing, our Fresno office is also home to our North American Customer Service Department.
At the helm of the customer service team is the Senior Manager of North American Customer Service, Sandy Campos. While working in Fresno earlier this month, I decided to investigate what goes into the success of our customer service’s “secret sauce” by speaking with Sandy. 
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"Power” to the Peds: Pediatric Power Mobility
Approximately 13 years ago, a 5-month-old girl named Kay (name changed for confidentiality) revolutionized the way I view independence and inspired me to push the envelope when it came to making the world accessible to the clients I serve. Kay was diagnosed with Spinal Muscular Atrophy (SMA) Type-1 (, required the use of ventilator, and had very little independent movement of her body, secondary to the muscle weakness associated with SMA. It only took one encounter with Kay for me to realize she is an incredible person and soon she would become one of my greatest teachers.

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Updated: Ready… Set… Go! Exploring the World of Pediatric Ultra Lightweight Manual Wheelchairs
Wheelchairs have evolved immensely, but especially over the past 20 years. The most recent surge in technological advances for manual wheelchairs began in the 1990’s and has continued with the implementation of lighter weight material being utilized in manufacturing and the ability to truly customize a wheelchair for each individual.

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