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Interview with Scott Valentine and His Experience with Eleanore’s Project During any given week, Scott Valentine, Account Manager for Sunrise Medical spends his 50-70 hours of professional time completing a list of tasks that include: in-services and training for both suppliers and therapists on Sunrise products and staying informed of current industry state and federal reimbursement policies.  Scott also participates in wheelchair clinics answering questions about his product portfolio that can lead to proper product prescriptions for end users. Being an integral member of the Sunrise Medical team for 20 years, Scott has truly embraced the company’s mission to “Improve People’s Lives.”  This spring however, Scott felt the desire to take this mission a step further. 

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How 3-year-old Mimi Taught Me to Appreciate the Little Things Before I joined the Sunrise Medical team, I worked fulltime at a pediatric transitional care and rehabilitation hospital. Over the 12 years I worked there I not only honed my skills as a clinician, but I also met fantastic people. Recently, I met up with a former client named Mimi who taught me a great deal about internal drive and appreciating the little things in life.

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5 Impactful Take-Aways from My Week at Camp Cookouts, flip flops, lightening bugs, fireworks, and sipping ice cold sweet tea on a hot day are just a few of the things that make Summer such a special time of year. Growing up, one of the items at the top of my summertime to do list was camp.
Earlier this month, I had the opportunity to go back to summer camp when Wendy Atlizer, owner of Milestones Physical Therapy Inc., invited me to Camp Gizmo to work with her team in the Mobility Lab. 

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Complex Rehab Technology: Always Innovating and Improving
Remember the day when you realized that your new microwave could pop a bag of popcorn in 90 seconds rather than 3 minutes? How about the first time you spoke an address into your cellular phone, hit start, and then a voice spoke to you and told you how to get to your destination?  (I prefer the British accented voice on my phone.) Consistent, steady innovation is what we have all come to expect with modern day technology. Well, innovation is not limited to Apple, GE, and Samsung. No, we expect and see innovation in complex rehab technology as well!

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Alternative Drive Controls: Looking at the Possibilities, as Opposed to the Obstacles
Over the years I’ve had numerous unforgettable experiences working with clients, all of which taught me valuable professional and/or life lessons. About 12 years ago, a three year-old little girl with spastic quadriparesis cerebral palsy came to my former facility for a power mobility evaluation. During the family interview her mother stated that she was not sure why the physician had referred her daughter to our clinic, because she knew her daughter did not have the ability to drive a power wheelchair.

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